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World-renowned sports psychologists and trainers confirm that athletes are more successful using mental training like hypnosis and visualization techniques.  Would you like to improve your game?  Jason Medlock uses the most potent form of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis  Technique QHHT®.   JOIN THE MENTAL GAME PLAN TODAY!

A Revolutionary Approach to Peak Performance

The Mental Game Plan Program with Sports Hypnosis embodies a pioneering approach to athletic training. It uniquely combines the rigor of traditional mental training techniques with the profound transformative capabilities of hypnosis.


This synthesis is not merely additive but multiplicative, enhancing each aspect of an athlete's mental game through the meticulous alignment of the conscious and subconscious minds.


By doing so, the program not only elevates performance but also nurtures a state of mental and emotional well-being that sustains athletes across all facets of their lives.


Core Principles of the Program


Deep Subconscious Integration: At the heart of this program lies the innovative use of sports hypnosis, which facilitates direct communication with the subconscious mind. This level of engagement allows for the effective and enduring transformation of deep-seated beliefs and behaviors, ensuring that changes are not superficial but rooted deeply within the psyche of the athlete. This method helps dissolve mental barriers that often go unaddressed by conventional training methods.

Harmonized Goal Alignment: By utilizing hypnosis, the program harmonizes the athlete's conscious goals, such as winning a championship, with subconscious affirmations, like believing in one's inherent capability to achieve greatness. This alignment eradicates internal conflicts that can sabotage high-performance levels, such as fear of failure or self-doubt, ensuring that the athletes' entire being is working in unison towards their objectives.

Comprehensive Mental Toolkit: The program equips athletes and coaches with a broad array of mental skills, from enhanced focus and concentration to advanced relaxation and stress management techniques. Each tool is designed to be accessible and effective, tailored to the unique psychological makeup and needs of the individual. This approach allows athletes to not only perform at their best under any circumstance but also to manage the demands of training, competition, and personal growth with resilience and grace.

What The Program Offers

Customized Training Sessions: Understanding that no two athletes are alike, each session within the program is customized to fit the specific needs, goals, and psychological profiles of the participants. Whether addressing performance anxiety, enhancing team cohesion, or accelerating recovery from injury, the program adapits its techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness and relevance.


Ongoing Support and Assessment: The journey to peak performance is ongoing, and so is the support provided by the Mental Game Plan Program. Regular assessments help track progress, adjust strategies, and refine goals to ensure continuous improvement and adaptation to the evolving competitive landscape.


Skills for Life: While the immediate goal is to enhance sports performance, the skills, habits, and insights gained from the Mental Game Plan Program have far-reaching implications. Athletes find that the benefits extend beyond the arena, improving their ability to handle stress, communicate effectively, and pursue goals with passion and persistence in all areas of life.

The Mental Game Plan Program with Sports Hypnosis stands at the frontier of sports psychology, offering a revolutionary approach that transcends traditional training limits. By effectively merging the power of the conscious and subconscious minds, this program not only promises to elevate athletic performance but also to foster a holistic sense of well-being that athletes carry with them long after they leave the competitive field. This is not just training for the game; it's training for life.

Sports Hypnosis Sessions

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Mindfulness and Visualization Training Enhanced by Sports Hypnosis

Goal Setting and Motivation Workshops Enhanced by Sports Hypnosis

Coping with Performance Anxiety Enhanced by Sports Hypnosis

Injury Recovery and Mental Resilience Enhanced by Sports Hypnosis

Mindfulness and Visualization Training Enhanced by Sports Hypnosis

Deepening Your Mental Practice for Peak Performance

Integrating sports hypnosis into my Mindfulness and Visualization Training is a transformative step in mental preparation for athletes and coaches alike. This enriched service is crafted to immerse you in an unparalleled mental experience, sharpening your focus and significantly elevating your capacity to visualize and achieve peak performance states.

My Approach
I blend traditional mindfulness practices with sophisticated visualization techniques, all amplified through the deliberate use of sports hypnosis. This combination is designed to guide you into deeper states of concentration and mental imagery, making your envisioned success not just a possibility but a reality within reach.

Sports Hypnosis: As your guide, I lead you into a focused, receptive state where your mind becomes open to positive suggestions and visualization. This state of heightened receptivity ensures that mindfulness and visualization exercises have a profound and enduring impact on your performance.

Mindfulness Training: I teach you to center yourself in the now, effectively quieting external distractions and internal dialogues. This skill is crucial for maintaining poise and concentration, especially under pressure.

Visualization Techniques: You'll learn to construct detailed, success-oriented mental images, from executing flawless plays to achieving victory. These mental rehearsals are designed to prepare both your mind and body for peak performance.

The Benefits
Sharper Mental Clarity:
Achieve a level of focus where distractions diminish, allowing you to concentrate fully on the present task.
Control Over Emotions: Master your emotional responses, ensuring calmness and confidence, no matter the pressure.
Consistent Peak Performance: Regular mental rehearsal under hypnosis makes transferring practiced skills to competitive success more reliable.
Accelerated Learning Curve: Hypnosis facilitates deep mental engagement, which can speed up the learning process and the mastery of new skills.

What You Can Expect As an Athlete:

  • Unprecedented Focus: You will experience a depth of concentration that enables you to perform with utmost precision in any scenario.

  • Vividly Imagined Success: You'll be able to mentally rehearse your success with such clarity and detail that it profoundly strengthens your belief in your ability to realize those outcomes.

  • Emotional Mastery: You'll learn to harness your emotional responses, turning potential distractions or setbacks into catalysts for your performance.

What You Can Expect As a Coach:

  • A Cutting-Edge Training Tool: You'll gain an advanced technique that can significantly enhance the mental training regime you offer, providing your athletes with a competitive advantage.

  • Heightened Athlete Engagement: Athletes deeply involved in their mental training are more motivated and likely to achieve significant performance improvements.

  • Elevated Team Dynamics: Teams that undergo mindfulness and visualization training under hypnosis can reach a level of synchronized focus and motivation, leading to superior teamwork and collective achievements.

Integrating sports hypnosis with mindfulness and visualization offers a groundbreaking approach to mental preparation in sports. This service ensures you're not just prepared but primed for peak performance, armed with the mental tools to envision, strive for, and attain greatness. Welcome to a new level of mental training, where the power of your mind is unleashed, and your potential is limitless.

Goal Setting and Motivation Workshops Enhanced by Sports Hypnosis

Crafting Your Roadmap to Success

In my Goal Setting and Motivation Workshops, enhanced with the power of sports hypnosis, I offer a dynamic approach to defining and achieving your athletic and coaching aspirations. This unique integration is designed to solidify your commitment to your goals and supercharge your drive to reach them, tapping into both your conscious intentions and subconscious motivations.

My Method
I guide you through the art of setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, while sports hypnosis deepens the emotional and psychological connection to these goals. This dual approach ensures that your ambitions are not just noted but felt deeply, creating a more profound commitment to achieving them.

Sports Hypnosis for Goal Commitment: Through hypnosis, I help you establish a strong, subconscious desire to achieve your goals, reinforcing your dedication and motivation from within.

Motivational Reinforcement: I provide strategies to maintain high levels of motivation, teaching you to navigate the ebb and flow of motivational intensity with techniques grounded in positive psychology and hypnotic suggestions.

The Benefits

  • Deepened Goal Connection: Forge a stronger, more emotional connection to your goals, ensuring they resonate deeply within your subconscious.

  • Sustained Drive: Learn to maintain a high level of motivation, even when faced with challenges or setbacks.

  • Clarity and Focus: Gain clear insight into what you want to achieve and the path to get there, with each step motivated by a deep-seated desire for success.

What You Can Expect As an Athlete:

  • Unwavering Dedication: Experience a newfound, deeply-rooted dedication to your goals, powered by the alignment of your conscious intentions and subconscious motivations.
    Motivational Mastery: Develop the skills to sustain your motivation through the highs and lows of athletic training and competition.
    Strategic Action: Be equipped with a clear, actionable plan to achieve your goals, supported by a motivational framework that keeps you moving forward.

What You Can Expect As a Coach:

  • Goal Alignment Techniques: Master methods to align individual athlete goals with team objectives, ensuring cohesive progression towards shared victories.

  • Motivational Leadership: Learn to identify and boost your team's motivational levels, creating a dynamic environment where athletes are driven to succeed.

  • Culture of Achievement: Cultivate a team culture that celebrates setting and achieving goals, where each milestone is recognized and serves as a motivational beacon for all.

Coping with Performance Anxiety Enhanced by Sports Hypnosis

Turning Pressure into Power

My program on Coping with Performance Anxiety, enhanced by sports hypnosis, addresses one of the most common yet challenging aspects of sports competition: the pressure to perform. I offer practical, hypnosis-aided strategies to not only manage but also harness the energy of performance anxiety, transforming it into a source of unmatched focus and strength.

My Approach
Understanding the root causes of performance anxiety is the first step. I then employ sports hypnosis to reframe these anxieties, teaching you to view pressure situations as opportunities for greatness rather than threats to performance.

Hypnotic Anxiety Management: Through guided hypnosis, I work with you to alter your subconscious reactions to stress and pressure, replacing them with responses that enhance concentration and performance.

Relaxation Techniques: I teach you how to use deep relaxation methods, both mentally and physically, to maintain calmness and composure in the face of competition.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Anxiety Levels: Experience a significant reduction in the physical and mental symptoms of performance anxiety.

  • Enhanced Focus Under Pressure: Learn to maintain an unparalleled level of focus during high-pressure moments, using anxiety as a catalyst for heightened performance.

  • Emotional Control: Master the art of emotional regulation, ensuring that nerves and excitement are channeled positively.

What You Can Expect As an Athlete:

  • Poise in the Spotlight: Stand confident in the most pressure-packed situations, armed with strategies to use anxiety to your advantage.

  • Peak Performance Readiness: Feel mentally prepared for every competition, knowing you can handle the pressure and perform at your best.

  • Resilience to Setbacks: Develop a resilient mindset that sees setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning, further reducing performance-related anxieties.

What You Can Expect As a Coach:

  • Anxiety Management Toolkit: Gain a set of hypnotic tools and techniques to help your athletes manage and overcome performance anxiety, fostering a team environment where pressure fuels performance.

  • Strategy for High-Stakes Competitions: Learn to prepare your athletes mentally for high-pressure competitions, ensuring they enter every event with confidence and a game plan for managing anxiety.

  • Emotional Leadership: Enhance your ability to lead with empathy, understanding the emotional dynamics of performance anxiety, and providing support and guidance to your athletes when they need it most.

Integrating sports hypnosis across these areas transforms not just individual athletes but entire teams, fostering environments where mental hurdles become stepping stones to greater success. This approach ensures that both athletes and coaches are equipped with the mental resilience, focus, and motivation necessary to conquer the challenges of competitive sports and achieve excellence.

Navigating the Road to Recovery with Strength and Positivity

My approach to Injury Recovery and Mental Resilience, significantly enhanced by the application of sports hypnosis, offers a powerful pathway for athletes facing the arduous journey of recovery. Understanding that the physical healing process is deeply intertwined with mental well-being, I utilize sports hypnosis to address the psychological hurdles of injury recovery, ensuring athletes emerge not just healed, but mentally stronger and more resilient than ever.

My Technique
Focusing on the mental aspects of recovery, I guide athletes through a tailored hypnosis program designed to foster a positive outlook, enhance motivation for physical rehabilitation, and build resilience against the psychological impacts of being sidelined.

Hypnotic Resilience Building: Through hypnosis, I work to strengthen your subconscious resilience, embedding a mindset of growth and recovery that supports your physical rehabilitation efforts.

Positive Mental Imagery: I guide you in visualizing not only the healing of your body but also your triumphant return to sport. This visualization process under hypnosis deeply imprints the expectation of recovery and success in your mind, aiding in faster psychological recovery.

Goal-Setting Under Hypnosis: Setting clear, achievable milestones for your recovery is crucial. Under hypnosis, these goals are reinforced, making your commitment to them instinctual and deeply motivating.

The Benefits

  • Accelerated Mental Recovery: By addressing the psychological aspects of injury through hypnosis, you can expect a more rapid mental recovery, paralleling your physical healing.

  • Increased Motivation for Rehabilitation: Find yourself more driven and committed to your rehabilitation program, with a clear, subconscious understanding of the process and its benefits.

  • Stronger Mental Fortitude: Develop a resilience that not only aids in recovery but also fortifies you against future challenges, both physical and mental.

What You Can Expect As an Athlete:

  • Deep-Seated Optimism: Embrace a mindset brimming with positivity and hope, crucial for navigating the ups and downs of injury recovery.

  • Clear Vision for Recovery: Possess a vivid, hypnotically reinforced vision of your recovery and return to peak performance, driving you forward each day.

  • Resolute Mental Strength: Gain unparalleled mental toughness, making you not just ready to return to your sport but to excel beyond previous limitations.

What You Can Expect As a Coach:

  • Effective Recovery Support Strategies: Equip yourself with hypnotic techniques to support your athletes psychologically through their recovery, fostering a positive, resilient team culture even in the face of injury.

  • Guidance on Goal Setting for Recovery: Learn to help your athletes set and deeply commit to recovery goals, keeping them motivated and focused on their return to sport.

  • Enhanced Empathy and Understanding: Deepen your empathy and understanding of the psychological impact of injuries on athletes, enabling you to provide more impactful support and leadership during their recovery journey.

Incorporating sports hypnosis into the recovery process redefines the journey back from injury. It's not just about returning to form; it's about reshaping an athlete's mental landscape to be more resilient, motivated, and optimistic than ever before. This holistic approach ensures that when you step back into the game, you're not just physically healed but mentally invincible, ready to surpass your previous bests and redefine what you're capable of achieving.

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