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Online & Office Hypnotherapy Sessions with Jason Medlock

Meet Jason

Certified Hypnotherapist & Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnotist

Based in Missouri City, Texas, Jason Medlock is a distinguished mindset-performance coach, Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, and energy healer whose comprehensive expertise spans several spiritual and personal development modalities.


His profound understanding of human potential and relentless passion for empowering others have fueled his mission to assist business owners, athletes, and individuals in becoming exemplary leaders.


Medlock's unique approach ensures his clients achieve their goals with unwavering confidence, enabling them to lead by example and significantly increase their personal and professional abundance.


What I Specialize In

Sports Hypnosis 

Trauma & PTSD Hypnosis 

Fears & Phobias Hypnosis 

Depression & Anxiety 

Weight Loss Hypnosis 

Business Success Hypnosis 

Academic Development 

Health & Wellness Hypnosis 

Smoking & Alcohol Hypnosis 

Formerly Incarcerated Hypnosis 

Female Hypnotherapy Patient


Can I use my HSA for therapy?

You can use your HSA to cover talk therapy costs if it's to treat a medical or mental condition. Therapy that's used for general mental well-being or stress relief doesn't qualify. Treatment for alcohol or substance misuse is an eligible expense.

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Reprogram Your Mind Using Hypnosis

The History of Hypnosis

The practice of hypnosis is ancient, with its origins reaching back to around 2500 B.C. In Egypt, unique temples were devoted to hypnosis meditations to empower individuals to tap into their authentic potential. Yet, these temples were not open to all; they welcomed only the elite. This privileged group encompassed royal family members, wealthy landowners, government authorities, priests, military officers, and medical practitioners. Their era's equivalent of our contemporary Hypnotist would assist these elite individuals in delving into their subconscious minds.

Can I Be Hypnotized?


Each of us transitions through states of hypnosis daily. Have you ever cruised on the freeway only to arrive at your destination with no memory of the journey? Or become utterly engrossed in a beloved activity, losing all sense of time? These experiences mirror the essence of being in hypnosis. If such states resonate with you,

transitioning into hypnosis will likely come quickly.

How Does Hypnosis Operate?


Hypnosis leverages the innate mechanism of transitioning into a relaxed state, which is then synergized with precise linguistic patterns and suggestions tailored to manifest the success you rightfully deserve. When this tranquil state is harmonized with apt suggestions, it unfolds a seamless pathway for you to harness the formidable power of your brain,

propelling you towards sculpting your ideal life.

What Transpires In Each Session?


In each session, you'll gently close your eyes as I employ particular words and visualization techniques to usher you into a serene and focused state (akin to meditation),  infusing you with suggestions designed to cultivate the mindset and confidence you aspire to embody. You'll traverse a conscious state of hypnosis, implying that you'll retain awareness while immersed in hypnosis. Together, we'll engage with your subconscious mind to unearth any fears or impediments to success that may be curtailing your potential.

How Long Does The Results Last?


The transformation of beliefs can occur in a fleeting moment. Once beliefs are altered at a subconscious tier, the resultant impact endures a lifetime unless a conscious choice to modify them is made. The analogy resembles installing new software on your computer; the software remains indefinitely, awaiting your decision to retain or uninstall it. Hypnosis operates on a parallel paradigm, instilling lasting alterations that persist unless a deliberate choice to change them arises.


I had a fantastic life changing session!

Jason Medlock, has assisted me in uncovering and discovering many of my heart’s desires and reconnecting to the core of myself.

When I left my first session, my body felt so much lighter, like a weight had been lifted from me.

I've noticed a definite shift and continue to experience a better quality of life, awareness, and more joy in my body.

Thank you so much.

- Elisha Grismore

Jason, thank you for an amazing session! During our initial interview, you assured me that you would be able to get the answers to all of the questions I was needing answers to, you did that and more!

If it had not been for my session with you, I would have never known that I was carrying guilt along with some suppressed issues from a past life, which was affecting the way I see some things today in my current life.

With your guidance...I can finally release anything from my past and live my life without carrying the weight of guilt... because of this, my healing is approving every day, and my life has changed for the better.

Jason, thank you for your professionalism and patience with your services. I highly recommend that anyone needing any form of healing or awakening reach out to you. They definitely will not be disappointed.

- La Tosha Carroll

What a riveting experience that allowed me to view healing in a different light. Jason Medlock was compassionate and trust worthy from the beginning of the session to the end.
His patience, enthusiasm for healing, and level of knowledge was refreshing. I highly recommend Jason Medlock for your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique experience.

- Carri Flemming

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