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Health & Wellness


Are you ready to lower your blood pressure using Hypnosis?

Ready to manage headaches by using Hypnosis?

Do you need help overcoming pain?


Promoting health and wellness is a cornerstone of our approach at Hypnos Awakening. Our range of tailored hypnosis programs is designed to empower individuals on their journey toward physical and mental well-being.

Stop Smoking without Weight Gain: We can guide you to break smoking without fearing weight gain through hypnosis. This transformation can be reinforced through your subconscious, aiding you to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Lose Weight: Hypnotherapy offers a holistic approach to weight management. By tapping into your subconscious mind, we can help you overcome emotional triggers, adopt healthier eating habits, and build a positive body image.

Lower Blood Pressure: Hypnosis can serve as a complement to medical interventions for managing blood pressure. Relaxation and stress reduction techniques can positively impact blood pressure levels.

Anorexia Help: Recovering from anorexia requires a multidimensional approach. Hypnotherapy can play a role by addressing underlying emotional factors and fostering a healthier relationship with food and self-image.

Anxiety Relief: Hypnosis is a powerful tool for managing anxiety. By accessing your subconscious, we can guide you to develop coping strategies and cultivate a calmer mindset.

Overcoming Insomnia/Sleep Soundly: Restful sleep is within reach during hypnosis. Guided relaxation and visualization techniques can help you let go of racing thoughts and create a peaceful sleep environment.

Creative Power Nap: Hypnotherapy can help you access rejuvenating states of rest through creative power naps. These sessions can enhance your energy levels and spark creativity.

Manage Headaches: Hypnosis can aid in managing and reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches. Through relaxation and focused attention, we can address triggers and promote relief.

Pain Management: Hypnotherapy offers an alternative approach to managing chronic pain. By altering your pain perception and enhancing relaxation, you can experience relief and an improved quality of life.

At Hypnos Awakening, our programs are crafted to guide you toward your health and wellness goals. Certified hypnotherapists will work with you to create a personalized plan that addresses your unique needs. Embracing hypnosis as part of your journey to well-being can unlock the potential for lasting positive change.

How Does The Session Work Remotely

Energy can be transported through space and time so that healing can occur over geographical distances.  This is also proven in quantum entanglement, although this is a very scientific explanation.  All of my clients have been very surprised at how well the energetic connection has been and have received everything they needed. Hypnosis is done through language, not through physical touch.


We are all connected in a vibrant sea, much like fish in the ocean. Therefore, location doesn't need to bother us. When we are working with your subconscious mind, the most important thing is that you are in a relaxed state.  We find the results over online sessions more effective because people are the most comfortable in their homes during the sessions.

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