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Depression & Aniexty


Have you recently experienced a shift from good to bad days? Are you struggling to understand why you feel constant sadness? Additionally, do you find that your anxiety surfaces at inopportune times?


Hypnosis and mindset techniques can be valuable tools to help individuals deal with uncomfortable emotions such as depression, fear, and anxiety. Here are some ways these techniques can be used to assist:


1. Accessing the subconscious mind: Through hypnosis, individuals can enter a relaxed state where the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and new perspectives. This can help address deep-rooted beliefs and patterns contributing to depression, fear, and anxiety.


2. Reprogramming negative thought patterns: With the help of a hypnotherapist or mindset coach, individuals can identify and reframe negative thought patterns that fuel their emotional distress. Individuals can cultivate a more optimistic and supportive mindset by replacing negative self-talk and limiting beliefs with positive affirmations and empowering statements.


3. Addressing underlying causes: Hypnosis and mindset techniques can aid in uncovering and addressing underlying causes of emotional distress. By exploring past experiences or traumas contributing to depression, fear, or anxiety, individuals can work toward healing and resolution.


4. Developing coping strategies: Hypnosis and mindset techniques can help individuals develop effective coping strategies for managing uncomfortable emotions. This can involve learning relaxation techniques, visualization exercises, and mindfulness practices that promote emotional regulation and stress reduction.


5. Boosting self-confidence and motivation: Through hypnosis, individuals can tap into their inner resources and strengths, building self-confidence and motivation. By accessing positive memories, envisioning future success, and reinforcing a strong sense of self, individuals can regain the inspiration, perspective, and joy they once had.


6. Creating personalized strategies: Hypnotherapists and mindset coaches can tailor their approaches to each individual's unique needs and preferences. They can work collaboratively to identify goals, develop customized designs, and provide ongoing support and guidance.


It's important to note that hypnosis and mindset techniques should be utilized as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, which may include counseling, therapy, and medical intervention if necessary. Collaboration with the right professionals can ensure a holistic approach to addressing emotional distress and promoting overall well-being.

How Does The Session Work Remotely

Energy can be transported through space and time, so healing can occur over geographical distances.  This is also proven in quantum entanglement, although this is a very scientific explanation.  All of my clients have been very surprised at how well the energetic connection has been and have received everything they needed. Hypnosis is done through language, not through physical touch. 


We are all connected in a vibrant sea, much like fish in the ocean. Therefore, location doesn't need to bother us. When we are working with your subconscious mind, the most important thing is that you are in a relaxed state.  We find the results over online sessions more effective because people are the most comfortable in their homes during the sessions.

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